July 30, 2013

Wild Boars attack!

  On Monday evening, a couple of huge wild boars were spotted in the Almaden Quicksilver county park, close to the entrance from intersection of  McAbee and Whispering Pines. 
 Naive people were trying to get closer to them and (who knows, how far our carelessness can go!) probably pet them. One woman called her boyfriend, "I see a wild pork walking!"  OK, it is a pig.  But it is a wild pig, and it can represent a serious danger to human being.  Although they seemed enjoying digging out mice and  fallen acorns and not paying attention to the people, I would not recommend to try get in very close proximity.  I guess, the boars are smart enough, they know the municipal code of the city of San Jose - no shooting allowed within the city limits!

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