June 26, 2014

  My fellow Americans!  (Does it sound familiar?)
My dear friends, if you are not watching 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, you missing a lot.  Please, please, forget for a couple of weeks your favorite TV channels and watch the battles of the most popular sport in the world - football. You call it soccer. I forgive you for this.  Once in 4 years, the greatest event in a single kind of sport happens on the planet. Take a look, love this fast and intense game, admire the unbelievable skills of the players, support your national team.

    Tomorrow USA team is facing one of the most difficult opponents - Germany. Both have a good reason to fight for the victory - the winner will play later with the team which finishes second in the group H. Most probably it will be Russia not showing the greatest samples of the play recently. It gives a good chance to advance to the quater-final.  But who knows, maybe the coach decides other way - keep the strength of the main players and apply it later.  Altidore is out anyway, will we see Dempsey on the field?
  In any case, the game is going to be tremendous as many games of the 2014 World Cup have already been.

   BTW, my favorite team so far is Netherlands with unstoppable Arjen Robben playing from left to right. He is simply the best!


  1. Well, I was wrong about the future opponent of Germany. Despite all the efforts, Russia could not make another score in the very intense game with Algeria. The draw was enough for Algeria to advance past group stage. They are meeting Germany on June 30th.

  2. We saw Dempsey on the very last minute. His head kick was very dangerous, the ball was just a foot away from the goal. All other time Clint was kind of out of the game.